Bike Parts and Dog Farts

15 03 2009

The story of my life summed up in one quick, witty, rhyme.  Runner up titles included:

  • Sweaty Socks and Punchin’ Clocks
  • Empty Beers and Fixed Gears
  • Clocking Miles and a Weak Writing Style

It’s been a fairly slow weekend. I cut my finger pretty f’ing badly the other night. Probably should’ve gone to the urgent care but you know how boys are. A buddy helped me bandage it up, I got home, starting drinking some scotch to help ease the pain, and then it was told late to do anything. Good on me for boycotting western medicine. (riiiiiiiight)

Anyways that wound has stopped my training for the moment. I’ll be getting back into it tomorrow, though. By the way, tomorrow Heidi and I are driving down to Tucson to pick up her new bike. She’s super excited (as am I)…I’ll throw some pictures up on the blog in the next day or two.

In other news, work is launching a challenge to bike, run, commute, and multi-sport our way towards prizing including a trip to Hawaii. Hells yes. This was designed for me.  I’m going to try to blow everyone out of the water and get some free schwag and better yet, bragging rights. This shit begins April 15 and goes through July 5. I can’t wait.