One Day Away From 100 Runs / 100 Days

14 12 2008

It begins tomorrow.  The “official” start of my (base) training season.  A run is defined as any distance (within reason), at any effort, at a time > 30 minutes.  I can do two a day in order to bank runs but each must be a separate run.  This is going to roll through the holiday season all the way to March 24.

I’m most likely going to incorporate some benchmark test every two weeks just to see how the progression curve looks.  Immediate documentation will be very scientifically recorded using what any decent coach utilizes…Twitter.  The tag will be #100runs if you’re interested in following.

In other news, there really is no other news.  I’m about to trot off to work which will be followed up with yet another round of “flip this house.”   Hence my excitement over the running tomorrow.