Hot Action Cop

23 12 2008

The rain continues to come and go here.  Yesterday it poured…today it’s beautiful with a high in the mid 50’s.  Last night I accompanied the girl to her Christmas party the bar was having (her second job).  Neither of us really had the desire to go, but who can pass up free booze?  We ended up sandbagging all the games by winning the two we participated in (out of three) and also taking home the door prize, a neck massager. Wow.

Game 1: Pint glasses are placed on the floor on one end of the bar. Contestants must walk, while holding a quarter in the crotch, to their glass and drop the quarter in.  I was the sole winner in accuracy and then, for the tie-breaker, speed.  What can I say? Skills! I got a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar, which I promptly gave away.

Game 2: While one partner holds a banana in their mouth, the other has to peel and eat said banana using only their mouth. We kicked everyone’s asses.  I peeled and the ate the banana.  Presume what you will.  We won a bath pillow, head wrap, and eye cover, which we promptly gave away.

This morning I woke up fairly early and headed out for the daily run.  It was butt-cold and foggy so I was sporting my pants, bright orange top, and green buff.  Wanting some new(ish) scenery I took off towards downtown Tempe for a some construction dodging and puddle hopping, which can be at times be even more enjoyable than trail running.  At some point I decided to cut through the university stadium complex and crossed the road…which includes the new, but not officially running, lightrail system tracks.  Lightrail being Phoenix’s 20-year-late attempt at forming some resemblance of a public transit system. So there I was running along the tracks waiting for a break in car traffic when all of the sudden I’m pointed at and light up by a motorcycle cop. We had a nice (read: tense) discussion about how I could be killed or even worse cited and arrested.  I thanked (read: acknowledged) the officer for his warning and headed on my way, slightly miffed but also somewhat proud of the fact that my morning run involved policing.

Gotta say, that’s the first time I’ve been pulled over while running.  For adventure’s sake, let’s hope it’s not the last.