Water That Birds Don’t Drink

23 01 2009

Last night I’m about to crawl into bed when I decide that my final act of productivity for the day should be to look up the local city of pool and see when they re-open.  Well lo-and-behold the pool is heated and they’re open now!  I wasn’t expecting to start up my swim base until april, so this is fantastic! Today I did my obligatory run, took a nap, ate a quick peanut butter sandwich (with what I later realized was moldy bread), hopped onto the fixie and rode to the pool.

I was a little goofy in the wanter, to be honest with you.  Not that I ever was a good swimmer; I’m still a “beginner” relative to most triathletes but I’ve regressed a bit since October. The 750 yards I squeezed out was a perfect first swim of the year for me. It was difficult but not bad enough of an experience to inhibit my want for another workout.

Finding the goggles was a fucking chore in and of itself. Having just moved, most of my “stuff” has changed it’s location and the new hiding places are less than intuitive shall we say. I finally found them buried in the bottom of my climbing gear box. Who knows. I’m just glad I was able to get back in the water.