25 10 2005

So I’ve been listening to the new 311 and Trey cd’s. Don’t Tread On Me, the 311 album, is really good … very melodic (as always) and really chill. This confirms Dena & I’s suspicions that 311 is mellowing-out in their old age. Not that they’re old, but late 30’s is getting there. Trey’s album is suprisingly good, as I was never a huge phan of Phish. Yeah they were cool, I still like much of their music but I just never really got into them. This Trey CD has been pumping through my iPod constantly for the past couple of weeks. Seriously, if you enjoy catchy tunes, riffy guitars, interesting lyrics, and can put up with mediocre singing this is a great one for ya.

Speaking of music, Dena, Amber, and I went to see O.A.R. over the weekend. Hot damn was it an awesome show! The crowd was so energetic, the setlist was perfectly mixed and sounded great! They played a perfect cover of Sunday, Bloody, Sunday. Wow. I was almost pissed when they started playing because that song is just one of those untouchables that shouldn’t be messed with, but they pulled it off. As Dena said, “I could almost see Bono standing in front of the stage yelling ‘Fuck yeah!'”