Ischemic Pain Body Buster

19 01 2009

For some reason my last two runs have been slow and tough. I haven’t actually looked at the numbers but I’m being affected by some pain in my abdomen…I know that’s ambiguous but I really don’t have a better way to describe it. It’s not a side-stitch; it’s gut pain. Weird. And it’s bothering me enough that I keep looking at my HRM to make sure I’m not about to die or have a general system failure.

In all seriousness this is prob just caused by gas or something. Being vegan I eat lots of veggies (…obviously…) and that can often have “adverse” affects shall we say. I’ve also had a monster headache for the past day. I almost feel as though I’m hung over. Anyways…

Two days off coming up! I need to double up on runs both these days in order to start catching up on the ‘ol 100/100 plan. Not sure where I’m currently at but my guess is that I’m about four runs behind. Not to mention we’re about four weeks away from the first race of the year.

I’m hesitating signing up for races later in the season as my whereabouts may be uncertain. Heidi has been “unofficially” accepted into a grad program at Wazzu and so we may be moving to Pullman, WA sometime over the summer. I’m looking attending U of Idaho at the same time which I’m actually quite excited about. When it comes to racing plans, though, I’m going to be hosed. The move will take a huge hunk of chinga which would otherwise be going towards the tri-bike project and that pretty much takes me out of doing any lengthy road races. Not to mention it doesn’t seem as though there’s a huge tri community in that area. It’s going to be a significant paradigm shift. One that I welcome but one that comes with uncertainties.

Well I’m going to try and sleep now. It’s 2:15 in the am and I was awoken by the neighbors dogs. Again.