17 10 2005

I woke up this morning to an old friend, soreness. It’s been a while since the last backpacking expedition and this little weekender was a sharp reminder of how important it is to stay in ‘hiking condition.’ The real story here is that the girl and I had a great trip. Hiked a few miles into Sycamore Canyon (mah favorite puh-lace) and camped out on a sandy beach, under a full moon, and next to an occupied fox den. Those crazy foxes kept us awake most of the night, along with Kloe’s snoring. Damn canines.

After hiking out the next day we drove up to Jerome and drank bloody mary’s in a biker bar then headed down to the Pumpkin Festival in Prescott. Close to 2 hours later (traffic was obnoxious) we were drinking beers and eating fried food back in Tempe. Ain’t life just grand sometimes?