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2 04 2009

Uhhh yeah. I’ve done it again. Last time.



Playin’ Hookie

2 04 2009

Woke up this morning with a funky feeling in my tummy. As I walked through the house to let the dogs out all I could think of were the various random chores I really wanted to get done. And how much I didn’t want to go to work. A phone call was made, and here I am. Comprising a list.

  • wash both cars
  • tackle the laundry
  • organize the bathroom
  • ebay the misc junk
  • return cable boxes to the company
  • clean the floors
  • setup the new blog*

That’s quite the list. Not all has to be completed today but I’d like to get a jump of most of that. Oh yeah…setup the new blog. I just arrived here at wordpress.com and I love it. So much so, in fact, that I’m graduating to my own domain with it. A friend has offered me a deal I can’t refuse with his hosting company and so I’m migrating. It won’t happen for a day or two due to your standard DNS issues…but it’s in the works.

In other news, my ankle is terribly swollen. I suspect that I was bit by a spider the other day when I was out hiking; in fact, I know I was bit by something. The reaction has been pretty severe, though. My ankle hurts and is a solid 50% larger than normal. This is complete with a loss in range of motion. Bummer, because tonight is a Splash-N-Dash at Tempe Town Lake.

Alright. Time for some coffee to help kickstart this “free day.” Heidi’s back tomorrow and I gotta get this place looking decent.


30 03 2009

We woke up EARLY this morning. 4am. Heidi had to be at the airport at 5am to catch her flight to Pullman, WA. She’s taking care of some business (house shopping, grad school stuff, etc.) while I stay back to take care of the kids. So now I’ve got the week to myself. What’s a guy to do?

I’ve got some chores to take care of. Some running and cycling to do. Should take this opportunity to meet up with the guys and have a beer.  We’ll see what transpires.

This morning I had myself a protein shake for breakfast. I’m not a huge fan of protein suppliments…but every once in a while (once a week?) I’ll whip up a shake for myself.

Muscle (soy)milk!

Muscle (soy)milk!

I create my own shake mixes. It’s a little less expensive this way, but more importantly, I know EXACTLY what’s going in my body.

  • brown rice protein
  • yellow pea protein
  • hemp protein
  • cocoa powder
  • chia seeds
  • maca root
  • cayenne powder
  • goji berry

I’ll typically throw in a couple scoops of the mix along with a spoonful of peanutbutter, a banana, and some chocolate soymilk or almondmilk. It’s absolutely fantastic. Lots of calories so I’ll typically have one of these shakes for breakfast on a big training day. Like today, I’m planning on a six mile run, some push-ups/sit-ups, and then a mountain bike ride a little later.

Hope everyone has a good Monday. I’m gonna try to make the most of mine.

Slacker Direct

30 01 2009

I took a day off today. From training, that is. Had a normal workday and then spent the afternoon working on the other house.  By the time I got home all I could think about was sitting down and cracking a cold one.  So that’s what I did.  If I hadn’t been fighting through sloppy miles (and laps) these past few days I would’ve forced the workout…but sometimes a man’s just gotta take a load off.

I’ll be back on the horse tomorrow. Goodnight.

Open Letter

17 10 2008
gutter rubber

gutter rubber

To the roadie who decided to just leave his blown tube in the gutter:

You sir, are an ass.  You make us all look like asses.  As cyclists we’re supposed to be better than the steel-machine driving tools we share the roads with.  We have to dodge enough debris left by cars and their owners, we don’t need to swerve around each-others shit as well.

So while I was out on my morning run today I passed your tube. I ran a good 20 yards past your tube before I turned around pick it up and carry it the rest of the run back home where I’ll recycle it with my old tubes.  If you happen to flat in the zip code of 85224 anytime in the next several months feel free to leave your tube on the side of the road.  In happenstance I’ll probably run by it and pick it up for you.

However, remember that there is such thing as karma.  Rock climbers never steal anothers’ gear.  Why?  Because it will probably fail and kill them.  Karma. I’d like to believe that the same system exists in cycling.  If you leave your dead tube on the road or trail, you should get two flats in return.

I’m just sayin’.

1 01 2006

Here is my new year’s haiku:

a blank canvas
opportunity for joy or pain
choose your colors wisely

And a couple others:

light beer
void of calories, alcohol, flavor–
what’s the point?

riding my bike
feel the breeze, breathe heavy, tight grip,
a permanent smile on my face.

29 12 2005

The birthday thing happened a couple of days ago and I was sick. Am still sick. It sucks. I was a trooper, though, and met the climbing crew over at the brewery where we played a little game of pass-the-lit-lime. Good times. I think the “official night out” will be piggy-backed onto Rainey’s birthday which is the 5th.

The house hunt continues, almost put a bid on a house yesterday that smells like an ashtray. It would’ve required us to tear up all the carpet/flooring, repaint the walls, and scrape the popcorn shit off the ceiling; all to get the smell of smoke out of the house. Cold feet set in so I’m going to check out a couple of other places later this week and we’ll have to make a decision at that point.