Migration —–>

2 04 2009

Uhhh yeah. I’ve done it again. Last time.



Playin’ Hookie

2 04 2009

Woke up this morning with a funky feeling in my tummy. As I walked through the house to let the dogs out all I could think of were the various random chores I really wanted to get done. And how much I didn’t want to go to work. A phone call was made, and here I am. Comprising a list.

  • wash both cars
  • tackle the laundry
  • organize the bathroom
  • ebay the misc junk
  • return cable boxes to the company
  • clean the floors
  • setup the new blog*

That’s quite the list. Not all has to be completed today but I’d like to get a jump of most of that. Oh yeah…setup the new blog. I just arrived here at wordpress.com and I love it. So much so, in fact, that I’m graduating to my own domain with it. A friend has offered me a deal I can’t refuse with his hosting company and so I’m migrating. It won’t happen for a day or two due to your standard DNS issues…but it’s in the works.

In other news, my ankle is terribly swollen. I suspect that I was bit by a spider the other day when I was out hiking; in fact, I know I was bit by something. The reaction has been pretty severe, though. My ankle hurts and is a solid 50% larger than normal. This is complete with a loss in range of motion. Bummer, because tonight is a Splash-N-Dash at Tempe Town Lake.

Alright. Time for some coffee to help kickstart this “free day.” Heidi’s back tomorrow and I gotta get this place looking decent.