30 03 2009

We woke up EARLY this morning. 4am. Heidi had to be at the airport at 5am to catch her flight to Pullman, WA. She’s taking care of some business (house shopping, grad school stuff, etc.) while I stay back to take care of the kids. So now I’ve got the week to myself. What’s a guy to do?

I’ve got some chores to take care of. Some running and cycling to do. Should take this opportunity to meet up with the guys and have a beer.  We’ll see what transpires.

This morning I had myself a protein shake for breakfast. I’m not a huge fan of protein suppliments…but every once in a while (once a week?) I’ll whip up a shake for myself.

Muscle (soy)milk!

Muscle (soy)milk!

I create my own shake mixes. It’s a little less expensive this way, but more importantly, I know EXACTLY what’s going in my body.

  • brown rice protein
  • yellow pea protein
  • hemp protein
  • cocoa powder
  • chia seeds
  • maca root
  • cayenne powder
  • goji berry

I’ll typically throw in a couple scoops of the mix along with a spoonful of peanutbutter, a banana, and some chocolate soymilk or almondmilk. It’s absolutely fantastic. Lots of calories so I’ll typically have one of these shakes for breakfast on a big training day. Like today, I’m planning on a six mile run, some push-ups/sit-ups, and then a mountain bike ride a little later.

Hope everyone has a good Monday. I’m gonna try to make the most of mine.




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