Lay-Z-Boy Docking Station

22 03 2009

I’ve been using it a lot lately, as though it seems. That gnarly cut on my finger has curbed any mountain biking or swimming I could have been doing this past week. The finger is looking really good which releives me, since I didn’t go to the dr (prob should have).

Fucking deep.

Fucking deep.

It may not look like much but believe me when I tell you that it was a solid slice. Almost took off a measureable amount of flesh.

Anyhow. I did my taxes the other night and discovered that I owe this great nation of ours about $750. That SUCKS. Granted, I must have been out of my gourd when I filled out my W-4 for work at Whole Foods which, at the time, was just my part-time job. Boy howdy do I regret that oversight and you can bet your sweet ass that the problem has since been fixed.

It sucks being damn near 30 and dirt poor. I spent my 4 (ahem, 5 1/2) years in college and got my paperwork. Now, I make pizzas at Whole Foods and earned the least amount of money in 2008 since my college days several years ago. Ain’t life grand?

coping mechanism.

coping mechanism.

It’s all good. It’s all a part of the experience, right? Without this path I “chose” I wouldn’t have met the great girl I’m with now. I wouldn’t be looking forward to moving to Washington state to go back to school. I wouldn’t have the rip-roaring pedantic sense of sarcastic humor that has fermented within me over these past few years of gratification-dejection-gratifcation-dejection cycling.

In the most difficult times, often all we have is our sense of humor. And cheap booze.

At work today the store was having a used book sale with proceeds benefitting the Whole Planet Foundation. I perused the selection and got myself a few interesting reads along with a couple of interesting anarchist/conspirist-type documentary dvds. Fifteen bucks will get you five books, three videos, and a soydog. Deal. Done.

Entertainment for the next month.

Entertainment for the next month.

This upcoming week is getting a boost. Beginning with a long uphill road ride tomorrow after work. More running and road riding will ensue until this finger gets to a more resiliant point of recovery and I can risk taking a spill on the trail.

That’s it. It’s about midnight on a Saturday evening and I’m listening to Wu-Tang with dogs snoring and planes flying overhead in the background. I’m calling it.




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