Object Fixation is a Bitch.

26 02 2009
About to drop in.

About to drop in.

Some days you kick ass, and some days your ass gets kicked. Today was the latter. I’ve been doing quite well on the mountain bike lately and this is from a guy who you can spot in the parking lot, loading the bike back on the rack, bleeding from at least two points on his body…on the regular. Anyways today I was barreling down this hill much faster than I would have been if I had any sense of self-preservation and I see this giant fucking rock right in my line. What do I do? What should I have not done? The answer to these questions is unfortunately the same. STARED AT THE ROCK. It wasn’t there when I rode this trail two days ago, which shouldn’t be a surprise, but for some reason I was mortified by this obstacle and it got the best of me.

It's only a flesh wound.

It's only a flesh wound.

After walking it off, scaring the jackrabbits with a few f-bombs, and doing a quick self-check I hopped back on the bike to continue. This wasn’t going to ruin my ride. Wrong. My seat is all jacked up…even after two seperate adjustments it’s sliding all over the place, tilting towards uncomfortable angles, and the last thing I need (beyond my current injuries) is a taint bruise. Not only that, but my front brake rotor is screaming like a witch at every revolution and my handlebars are no longer lined up with my fork.

That’s enough to send me home early. So now I’m sitting in the lazy boy contemplating which hurts more: my elbow or my leg. No picture of the leg because superficially it looks fine, but I can assure you that I feel like Nancy Kerrigan right about now. That is…until this scotch kicks in.

I’m hoping to go watch my Sun Devils take the PAC-10 by beating the Huskies tonight. That’s the plan but it’s a late game (9pm) and I have to work early (6am) and I know there will be booze involved. I must remember that I’m not 21 anymore. I’m not even sure what that’s supposed to mean.




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27 02 2009

Well, it was only a matter of time. This is the reason I do not MtB. I am such a klutz this would happen every time. I was hiking the Nat’l trail the other night and kicked a giant rock out of the middle of the trail. I thought to myself that if I was biking, I would hit that mofo for sure. Apparently it was not the one in your path. At least there was no taint bruise. That would have been the kicker. Get better dude!

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