No SOMA for you!

25 02 2009

After yesterday’s shortened commute I was “inspired” by Heidi to go for a run and then swim some laps. Another (unscheduled) brick day. I suppose that it’s so early on in my quote-unquote training career that I don’t really need to worry about burn-out. I don’t recall the last time I took a full day off, though.

The next big race on the books is going to be the Whiskey Off-Road. After that I have no idea what to expect. We could be moving to Washington as soon as May or as late as July. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited. It’s great that Heidi is going to fulfill one of her dreams of getting her Ph.D. It’s great that I’m going back to school to at the very least increase my knowledge base and at the most get a grad degree, myself. But man has this thrown a wrench into my IM plans…not only in the financial sense but my race schedule I had planned out is junked. No SOMA for you!

It is what it is and I just gotsta keep rollin’ along. So I’ve got myself exactly two months to prep for the Whiskey. It’s only 25 miles but it’s my first mtb race ever. Here are some micro-goals for the next eight weeks:

  • Log at least 25 miles a week on the fixie.
  • Ride SoMo at least once a week which will be the long ( >2 hours ) ride.
  • Do one BIG* day.
  • Keep on running and swimming!

So a 25 mile mountain bike ride, though I’ve never done one, isn’t necessarily anything astromonical. I wouldn’t classify it as an endurance distance. That being said it’s going to require some endurance from myself that I have yet to experience. Looking at past results the slowest male rider is taking over 6.5 hours. I’m shooting for breaking 4 which would better than exactly mid-pack. Gotta set the bar somewhere.

BIG day. I’m going to plan for Monday, April 13 being a day that I get in a big ride to test my endurance level and nutrition. I want to head out for a four hour ride and end with something left in the tank. No idea where I’m going to do this (prob SoMo) but plans are in the works. This all may seem a little funny for you guys and girls who regularly ride 3+ hours but I’m somewhat of a newbie and I’m trying to be as realistic and prepared as I can. If you’ve got any suggestions please feel free to fire off an email to me at speedgoat23 at Gmail.

Alright, my wake-up alarm is about to go off. How exciting.




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