Aluminum Rodeo

23 02 2009

After hitting up Einstein’s Bagels for free coffee, Heidi and I took to the pool for a morning swim. I got in my usual 1500 yards, which, as Texafornia points out, is rather weak it is a relatively good workout for me. I began swimming “for reals” last summer and took a couple of winter months off but am now getting back to teaching myself. I’m not very efficient at all but I am, slowly, getting better.

Sharing lanes with strangers.

Sharing lanes with strangers.

After the swim we swung by a little tri shop called Triple Sports (quite the original name, eh?) and then headed home for lunch. I woofed down two soydogs and a half of an avocado before getting on the Cannondale for some trail mileage. Pushed through nearly 12 miles in about an hour and a half.

The flat section.

The flat section.

Greeting the hill.

Acknowledging the hill.

Back door angle.

Back door angle.

I don’t have a computer setup on my bike so I toss my little GPS unit into my jersey pocket and just let it click away.  In my opinion it’s probably more accurate than a bike comp. but also gives a lot more information such as elevational change. I used to have a nice little handlebar mount for the thing but that was destroyed in some crash a couple of years ago. Maybe it’s time to visit eBay…




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