Just Another Dog-Day Afternoon

19 02 2009

It sucks working a no-brainer job. Even if it’s for one of the best companies to work for (in this case, Whole Foods) it just plain blows sometimes and don’t let anyone tell you different. Here I am saving up money for grad school and moving to said-school and I’m getting shit on by assholes with bluetooth headsets. Fuck them. I need a beer and a ride. Not necessarily in that order.

Shadow moves faster than I.

Shadow moves faster than I.

That-a-way to the Lizard Trai.

(I went in the opposite direction. Shhh.)

Rock-lined singletrack.

Rock-lined singletrack.

Yet another shadow shot. Oh well.

Yet another shadow shot. Oh well.

I met a friend on the trail today. As I sat on a rock tightening the screws in my cleats some shirtless guy pushing his Motive up the hill stopped and asked how I was doing. I tried valiantly to keep it short but he persisted conversation upon me. He seemed like he wanted a buddy but I wasn’t interested. I hate awkward conversations with strangers. I’m really not much of a people person to begin with, which is partly why I chose wildlife biology as a field of study (look at where that’s gotten me) but I always seem to find myself in these situations with people….and I’m just too damn nice of a guy to cold shoulder someone.

The bike and gear are all staged up for tomorrow. Nothing big, but I’m planning on hitting the trails on South Mountain after work. I haven’t been to SoMo is quite some time and with my newly re-found passion for mountain biking I think it’s time I hit the old stomping grounds.

In other news, I’ve just about nailed the flip-turn.

Word of the day: FOOSHAW!

Tonight I’m just hanging out with the restless dogs. Heidi made up some eggplant sandwiches for dinner which were absolutely fantastic. Currently there is a glass of scotch next to me and I’m feeling sleepy. I must be getting old. It’s only 8:30.




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