Plan “B”

16 02 2009

Headed up to the pool this morning to get in some laps but it wasn’t meant to be. Every single lane was doubled up and the pool was only open for about another hour. Oh well. On to Plan B.



Empty trails on a holiday.

Empty trails on a holiday.

Tonsil check.

Tonsil check.

Larsen's love desert dirt.

Larsens love desert dirt.

No more races until April. That’s probably just fine. I can save that cash and put towards the Whiskey Off-Road that’s coming up in April.  Until then I’m going to switch gears (no pun inteded) towards mountain biking from running. Though running won’t necessarily slow down it’s focus will change: Instead of base training by running a little bit every day I’m going to start interjecting some longer runs while easing up on the frequency.

Hopefully by focusing on particular sports I’ll end up being a fairly well-rounded when it comes time to begin a focused IM training plan. For now I’m having fun getting back into shape and seeing progress!




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