Mackathlon Feb ’09

12 02 2009
Ride on.

Ride on.

I just finished one of the shittier days I’ve had at work. Actually this particularly shitty day has been compounding for several work-shifts in a row and it primarily has to do with a few choice co-workers who either are characteristically fucking lazy, fucking stupid, or some unfortunate combination of the two. But I digress…

When you have one of “those days” it always feels better when you’re able to blow off some steam. Each person has their own favorite practice: booze and/or food probably being one of the more common. I prefer booze myself. Something brown and 80 proof. Straight up with two ice cubes. That’s how I roll. Lately, though, I’ve been trying to be better about my habits. Or at least maintain a proper order of operations. So heading out for a run is typically the first thing I do when I get home from work.

Today was different. I needed something extra to keep me from finding the nearest clocktower. As soon as I got home I rolled out on the bike and hit the trails for about an hour. It was awesome. I haven’t had that kind of fun in a while. Then I traded the bike for my trail runners and ran part of the same route I rode. When the girl got home, we slipped into our suits and hit the pool. So I ended up logging about 9 miles on the mtb, 3.5 miles trail running, and 1500 yards in the pool.

Now I’m home sipping some Johnnie Walker. On ice.

Top tube motivation.

Top tube motivation.

It's not a real ride, unless you bleed.

It's not a real ride, unless you bleed.

I love scotch. Down in my tummy.

I love scotch. Down in my tummy.




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