Rain Check

8 02 2009
Kooky weather a-brewin'

Kooky weather a-brewin'

Nice post-race-day run. A fun four miles of sloppy trail. I couldn’t be happier than when I’m running through or hopping over puddles of mud. Saw only one other runner out there today and it was some chick decked out in pro-level tri gear. I guess if I were fast enough and sponsered I’d probably sport a singlet on training runs; can’t knock it if you don’t try it I s’pose. Until then, though, you’ll see me huffin’ in my cotton Goodwill t-shirt, 5 year-old Patagonia shorts, and faded cotton headband.  Oh yeah, and a Suunto strapped to my wrist. 😉

Crazy hair day.

Crazy hair day.

Splatter pattern.

Splatter pattern.




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