Ho lee shi zazzle!

6 02 2009

That’s a quote from my man Tom when he discovered a favorite bar/venue from years ago had re-opened.

So tomorrow morning I’ve got myself a little 5k to do. This might sound funny, but I’m anticipating this nearly as much as I did my last race which was my first off-road tri. I think it has to do with the fact that I’m currently is such great sprinting shape that the probability of me setting a PR is very real and I’ve never been in the condition to try to PR’s before.

I’ve been running on average six days a week with the majority of those being short, fast, trail runs. My last couple of weeks worth have been averaging sub-8 min/mi times which is pretty good for me. Goal? A sub-24:30 minute chip time. I think that I touched on all this already so I’m dropping the subject now. No need to over-analyze a 5k.

Rollin' towards food.

Rollin' towards food.



Spicy hummus!

Spicy hummus!

Fixie art.

Fixie art.

After my run yesterday I hopped onto the green monter and meet Heidi at Green, which is a local vegan joint that she coincidentally used to work at. We were craving soynamis which are the soymilk versions of the DQ blizzard. They are amazing.




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