Luke Warm Persistance

4 02 2009

I woke up yesterday morning with some severe pain in my right foot/ankle. Pain so bad I had to manipulate my foot to ensure I hadn’t broken anything.  By the end of the day it had slowly eased and today I’m feeling just fine.  It was a little scary. Though I’m not certain what the culprit was I’m wondering if it’s the kicking action while I swim. Not having much swimming experience it’s a relatively new motion for me.  I suppose time will tell.

An evening poolside.

An evening poolside.

I just got back from a nice run; from my house to the start of Saturday’s race and back. It took me just about 20 minutes to get to the starting point, which I’m afraid may be a little too much for a pre-race warm-up. I’m really shooting for a PR here and I don’t want to over extend myself and flop before I hit the finish mat. Instead I think I’ll bike to the race and do a little jog around before it starts.

Right now I’m just sittin’ in the chair, looking at dogs, the dogs are looking at me. It’s time to fix a drink.

…and probably feed the dogs.




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