Rest is Temporary

2 02 2009

Afer a couple of days off due to some exhaustion in the mind and legs I took off for a little road run this afternoon.  Temps in Arizona are fantastic right now, mid-70’s. There was a little pain in my left heel for the first eight minutes or so but once that subsided I gained some ground.

Tempe Town Lake Path

Tempe Town Lake Path

It was a quick run at just under 30 minutes, but I maintained a sub-8 minute mile. This upcoming Saturday will be my first 5k of the year. I have recently been working on a spreadsheet of all of my recorded race times over the past six years and it appears that my PR for a 5k is 24:34 set back in 2003 when I was 23 years old. A few years later now I feel like I can beat that time so I’m gunning for a 24:30 this Saturday which is going to require a 7:54 pace.

As I’ve been digging around on the internet looking for race times I’m recalling how I felt about and what I remember of each of those races. I haven’t run that many: six or seven 5k’s, an 8k trail run, a couple of half marathons, and an xterra tri. My very first race though, that 5k, the very first race of entire life at the age of 23 was spectacular. I was so nervous about whether I would have to walk, would I be coming in near last, etc. I had no idea what to expect. It was fantastic.  It felt very similarly to how my first tri experience was. I love that feeling of nervousness. This is going to be my first race in a quite a while where I’m actually triyng for a PR; an entirely new set of emotions will present themselves I’m sure.

Today is a day off. I’ve got a couple of chores written down but am also planning on running, swimming, sleeping, and reading. Not necessarily in that order.




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