Hair of the Dog

3 01 2009

Decked out for a nice little trail run after work today.  New playlist on the shuffle, long sleeve shirt as it’s a little chilly, and I’m feeling great because tomorrow is a day off. As I’m heading down the street towards the “mountain park” I see this little chihuahua/mutt running loose, which isn’t terribly uncommon in my neighborhood, but it’s small and in the road.  I tried to get the dogs’ attention but to no avail.  Eventually it turned onto a street and headed back into the neighborhood.  Fine.

About 35 min later I’m returning from my run and there’s a car cruising very slowly down the street with it’s hazards on.  In front of the car…the same dog.  I kept running right past the situation.  Got maybe 100 feet past until my conscience got the better of me and I turned around.  And it began.

Long story short I spent at least 15 minutes, if not 20+ chasing this dog down.  Twice I thought it was a goner (hit by car) but everyone avoided him.  At least five different vehicles stopped and their drivers bailed out trying to help catch this thing.  FINALLY, a guy in a white SUV and some other random dude who had stopped were able to chase the dog back in my direction.  I dove.  Straight up laid out on the asphalt and nabbed him.  Guess all those years of catching wild animals for the state gov and the zoo paid off.  Riiiiiight.

Now I’ve got two bloodied knees and a dog in my backyard.  Ahhh…running.  What you do for me.


I shall call him, Tinker.

I shall call him, Tinker.




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20 01 2009
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