2009…here I come!

2 01 2009

Ahh yes.  Here we are.  Another calendar year bites the dust and opens up the door for..what? New opportunities? A clean slate? I’m not sure why people view new years as a means to reinvent themselves.  I’m not immune from this…the new year is a good time to re-evaluate one’s personal ambitions and set goals for the next year.  I guess that is just a euphemism for what I said previously.  Fuck it.  I’m in with the pack.  Here I go.

Goals for the great 2009:

  • Run a sub 25 min 5k.
  • Complete the tri-bike.
  • Ride a century.
  • Do a 70.3
  • Register for IMAZ 2010.
  • Walk my dog more frequently.
  • Read ten books.
  • Do 100 pushups.
  • Journal more consistently.
  • Take some classes.  In anything.

So most of those are athletic goals, I realize this.  But as of right now I’m getting much more satisfaction in my training than I am in my profession and I’m going to do what feels right.

I truly hope everyone had a great holiday season and all of you are positive about the new year.  With Obama about to take office, my running plan going full tilt, and my relationship with the girl getting better with every day, I can’t help but to slightly grin when thinking about what is to come.

Take it easy, everyone.




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