Nasty Habits

30 12 2008




Ahh, the running continues. I’m currently sitting at 13 runs in 15 days, which considering my lack of “running fitness” prior to starting this endeavor, I’m fairly pleased with. The calves are feeling MUCH better after taking those two days off…I’m still considering compression socks, though.  I’m trying hard to justify the cash those things require.  Shit, if they allow me to continue running my ass off without the calf pain I don’t see how I could afford not to get a pair.  Anyone know of any on-line deals??

The other day I took my dog Kloe out for a change.  Now she’s a nine year old, about 100 pound, American Bulldog.  We used to hike together quite often but over the years she’s slowed down.  Well the run probably did her some good but she kept me going at what felt like a 12 min/mi pace.  Then she slept for two days! I may have to self-sacrifice and commit to taking her out once a week; the running exhausts her but I can tell she loves it. And isn’t that the point??


Off-center look at the crazy runner hair.

Off-center look at the crazy runner hair.



Last night the girl and I ordered a pizza and watched Sweeney Todd.  Weird.  Kinda gruesome (in a fakish way) but we both really enjoyed it, though the music was somewhat laking…for a musical. I’ve re-fired-up the old Netflix account and today we’ll be getting Vantage Point.  The nice part about not having any TV service at home is that you are forced to entertain yourself in other, usually more productive, fashions.  BUT if you still just want to sit and zone out for an hour or so, there’s Netflix.

With our video tonight I’m thinking Indian food. There are a couple of potato samosas in the freezer, I’ve got a good recipe for vegan dahl saag, and  there’s a little curry pasta & edamame salad recipe I’ve got up my sleeve. YUM!




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