the holidays…

26 12 2008

Well the big one is over with.  Hope it was great for you, here, it was just fine.  I went on a bike ride, gave some gifts, gave a couple crappy ones, same was returned upon me, and tried to limit my food and booze intake..quite successfully, actually!


looking ahead

looking ahead

So the running is going fairly well, except for the fact that I think I’m experiencing some overuse strain in my calves.  That is, serious, fucking, pain immediately following my runs and general pain/discomfort the rest of the time. I’m not really cramping up or anything like that, it just feels like I’ve got pulled calf muscles.  Is this something compression socks would help with?  I’m considering getting a pair but they’re so damn expensive.

So I’ve taken a couple of days off. I figure that it’s better to accrue a few make-up runs now in the beginning than seriously injure myself and take a forced (and probably much longer) break when something fails. As it stands I’m on nine runs in eleven days.  I’m back into it tomorrow.

What is tomorrow?  My birthday.  More on that later.


lookin' back

lookin' back




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