Twisted Blister

22 12 2008

Friday I made the not so wise decision to do my run w/o socks.  Things were fine until about the 25 minute mark when the hotspots turned into blisters on both feet.  I tried to run through the issue(s) on Saturday but quickly called off the attempt.  Yesterday, with a day of “rest” and a different pair of runners (my old Montrails) turned out to be a successful nearly 45 min jaunt.  Lesson learned.

I’m currently sitting inside Whole Foods leaching their internet connection and looking at the kooky weather that’s a-brewin’ up outside.  I’m no meteorologist but I’m going to give the metropolitan Phoenix area (from hear on  referred to as the basin) a forecast of rain.  Ninety percent probability I would say, in my quite un-professional opinion.

That means I gotsta go run the few errands I have real quick-like and get home so I can get in my thirty minutes of speedy feet w/o fighting big ‘ol fat rain, as Forrest Gump would say.

With that…have a good one and enjoy knowing that you’ll only have to deal with the “Spirit of Christmas” for less than four more days.  Ah the joy…I can almost smell it.




One response

22 12 2008

been there, no socks for running is no fun…good luck with the ironman!

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