Liquid Sky

18 12 2008

It’s been raining steadily here in the Phx area…which is rather unusual, as you can imagine, for a desert.  Most Basinonians freak out when there’s water falling from the sky; the streets become filled with utter chaos as people don’t know how to drive in the rain.  So the perfect anecdote is to hit the trails for a run, which is what I would be doing anyhow.


uphill battle


trying hard to look badass


looking towards Tempe

It’s finally starting to lighten up..which is probably a good thing.  As as true trail runner can relate, there’s nothing quite as much fun as splashing through puddles and muddying up your shoes, but it’s also nice to have a clear sky to help clear your mind.




One response

20 12 2008

I can just picture you running in slow motion to get that shot of yourself. Nah, you probably weren’t even running. haha! It looks cool, just the mental image of you getting the pic makes me laugh. 🙂

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