Diving back in…

12 12 2008

Life has been a little difficult lately.  I was quite sick for a good solid week; still don’t feel 100%.  Had a job schedule shift from evenings to early mornings; which I actually am learning to prefer.  I’m also going to be moving out of my house and in with the girl; a big move…an exciting move.

Training has taken a backseat, though, that changes on Monday when I begin a base campaign with an effort to run 100 times in next 100 days.  The theory here is that I’m going to build endurance through frequency rather than longevity or effort.  Each run has to be at minimum 30 minutes and I can double up some days in order to make-up for days missed. I’ll be documenting on Twitter, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Mid-term goals for 2009 (e.g. SOMA 70.3) are kind of up in the air.  The girl has been unofficially accepted into grad school at Wazzu, which would obviously require us to relocate up to Pullman, WA.  Hopefully this doesn’t affect my mental attitude when it comes to training.  I’m going to try to keep positive and continuously have a race planned as something to work towards.  Next up?  Skirt Chaser 5k in Feb.




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