Open Letter

17 10 2008
gutter rubber

gutter rubber

To the roadie who decided to just leave his blown tube in the gutter:

You sir, are an ass.  You make us all look like asses.  As cyclists we’re supposed to be better than the steel-machine driving tools we share the roads with.  We have to dodge enough debris left by cars and their owners, we don’t need to swerve around each-others shit as well.

So while I was out on my morning run today I passed your tube. I ran a good 20 yards past your tube before I turned around pick it up and carry it the rest of the run back home where I’ll recycle it with my old tubes.  If you happen to flat in the zip code of 85224 anytime in the next several months feel free to leave your tube on the side of the road.  In happenstance I’ll probably run by it and pick it up for you.

However, remember that there is such thing as karma.  Rock climbers never steal anothers’ gear.  Why?  Because it will probably fail and kill them.  Karma. I’d like to believe that the same system exists in cycling.  If you leave your dead tube on the road or trail, you should get two flats in return.

I’m just sayin’.