27 12 2005

About this time each year, I start pontificating my life and how to improve it. It’s the whole “New Year’s Resolution” and “Oh Shit I’m Getting Old Quick” thought process. I know most people could give less than a poop about my resolutions, so I’ll spare you the pain and just mention a couple of the more interesting ones.

1) I’m going to try and drive LESS. A lot less. It’s going to be my goal to cut my time in the car by 20%. That means, no driving to the store, driving to the bar, or driving to the rock gym. Of course, exceptions will be made now and then but if I make a solid attempt at it, I think that it will be a fairly impressive feat (for myself).

2) Go into business for myself. There have been a couple of little ideas floating around my pea-brain for a while and it’s time to act on them. Nothing huge, nothing that’ll cost me much overhead, just a couple of products I think there is a market for.

3) Read MORE BOOKS. I typically average 5 or 6 books a year. That’s pathetic. It’s time to start pumping out at least one book a month. At least. We’re going to start with David Sedaris’ Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim and finish up Freakonomics.




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