24 12 2005

When I pick up a CD it’s typically for one or two songs that I’ve heard and like, but the rest of the album turns out to be shit. I’d say one-in-ten are those rare jewels where you listen to and ENJOY just about every song.  Matisyahu – Live at Stubb’s is one of those. I grabbed it for that King Without a Crown dub the radio stations have been cycling every hour on the hour, or so it seems. The entire CD is awesome! GET IT NOW!

Stu took me out to Teaks for my b-day last night. We ate, drank, made fun of people, and stared at these extremely hot girls having a birthday party next to us. Creepy, I know. After getting home we thought it would be a good idea to hop on the bikes and ride around the hood looking for these lawn-deer decorations and place them in compromising positions. Let me setup the situation: We’re both hammered. I’m standing in the driveway snapping photos, my dog is running around in the street, and Stu is trying to balance one reindeer so it’s mounting the other (both are antlered bucks, so it’s not only reindeer sex but reindeer sodomy). I digress. Right about now, a really expensive car cruises up the street and starts to turn in the drive, windows roll down, driver and passenger get out, and the fun begins. I won’t get into details, but let’s just say these folks weren’t too pleased with our artistic interpretations of their Christmas decorations. Just to top off the humor, as the confrontation ensues Kloe decides to climb into their Mercedes and sit in the drivers seat. Oh the humanity!

Music in the Mix:
Dec. 31 – Blues Traveler
Jan. 27 – Cake
Jan. 29 – Violent Femmes
Feb. 4 – Matisyahu
Feb. 14 – Big Head Todd and the Monsters




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