11 12 2005

Last night was the Ozomatli show which Dena took me to for my birthday. It was such a great show; so energetic, positive, and different than any other concert I’ve been to. If you have the opportunity, take it! Thanks P5!!!

Rode the SS down to Teakwoods today to watch the NFL games and drink. While it was a good ride, I’m thinking that there may be some gear-ratio tweaking required. I seem to spin out a bit too easily and can’t get up to a decent speed. We’ll work on that most likely after the move. [segway] So my real estate agent slash friend is going to start searching for places this week, let’s hope that we find something soon. I’d like to be in and have time to get organized before next semester begins.

Tonight is my man Haley’s birthday and we’re supposedly going out to Scottsdale to get hammered. I picked him up a bottle of Beam and a flask, I think he’ll like it. It’s better than my original idea, the dvd set of Sex and the City. If you’re reading this, man, I’m just joking. I got your the dvds.




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