9 12 2005

Today, I have the day off. No finals, no work, no nuthin’. So the dog and I took off, driving around town looking for potential cribs. Our criteria is fairly simple: cheap, decent sized yard, within biking distance of the university. I think it’s going to take some real detective (aka: real estate agent) work to find us a new home, though. Dave and I have scrounged up enough junk to furnish the place; laz-y-boy chair, sofa & loveseat, silverware, dishes, pots & pans, an entertainment center (sans entertainment), dvd player, coffee table, lamp. Keep in mind, we’ve requesitioned everything I just mentioned FOR FREE. That’s pretty good considering as of two weeks ago we didn’t own a pot to shit in between the 2 of us. All we need now is a teevee and kitchen table + chairs. Anyone? Once we move in and get settled, there’s gonna be a big fuckin’ party. And by “big fuckin'” I mean lots of alcohol, lots of dudes, and probably not many chics. What else would you expect from us? You never know, maybe the neighbors will turn out to be a house full of 22 year old big-tittied blondes!! Stay tuned.

On a side note, I was mentioned on Handlebar Sandwich yesterday! First time I’ve seen my name on the internet, unless you count the article on my drunken ass at the Phoenix Open a few years back. Man I wish I had saved that…




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