29 12 2005

The birthday thing happened a couple of days ago and I was sick. Am still sick. It sucks. I was a trooper, though, and met the climbing crew over at the brewery where we played a little game of pass-the-lit-lime. Good times. I think the “official night out” will be piggy-backed onto Rainey’s birthday which is the 5th.

The house hunt continues, almost put a bid on a house yesterday that smells like an ashtray. It would’ve required us to tear up all the carpet/flooring, repaint the walls, and scrape the popcorn shit off the ceiling; all to get the smell of smoke out of the house. Cold feet set in so I’m going to check out a couple of other places later this week and we’ll have to make a decision at that point.


27 12 2005

About this time each year, I start pontificating my life and how to improve it. It’s the whole “New Year’s Resolution” and “Oh Shit I’m Getting Old Quick” thought process. I know most people could give less than a poop about my resolutions, so I’ll spare you the pain and just mention a couple of the more interesting ones.

1) I’m going to try and drive LESS. A lot less. It’s going to be my goal to cut my time in the car by 20%. That means, no driving to the store, driving to the bar, or driving to the rock gym. Of course, exceptions will be made now and then but if I make a solid attempt at it, I think that it will be a fairly impressive feat (for myself).

2) Go into business for myself. There have been a couple of little ideas floating around my pea-brain for a while and it’s time to act on them. Nothing huge, nothing that’ll cost me much overhead, just a couple of products I think there is a market for.

3) Read MORE BOOKS. I typically average 5 or 6 books a year. That’s pathetic. It’s time to start pumping out at least one book a month. At least. We’re going to start with David Sedaris’ Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim and finish up Freakonomics.

24 12 2005

When I pick up a CD it’s typically for one or two songs that I’ve heard and like, but the rest of the album turns out to be shit. I’d say one-in-ten are those rare jewels where you listen to and ENJOY just about every song.  Matisyahu – Live at Stubb’s is one of those. I grabbed it for that King Without a Crown dub the radio stations have been cycling every hour on the hour, or so it seems. The entire CD is awesome! GET IT NOW!

Stu took me out to Teaks for my b-day last night. We ate, drank, made fun of people, and stared at these extremely hot girls having a birthday party next to us. Creepy, I know. After getting home we thought it would be a good idea to hop on the bikes and ride around the hood looking for these lawn-deer decorations and place them in compromising positions. Let me setup the situation: We’re both hammered. I’m standing in the driveway snapping photos, my dog is running around in the street, and Stu is trying to balance one reindeer so it’s mounting the other (both are antlered bucks, so it’s not only reindeer sex but reindeer sodomy). I digress. Right about now, a really expensive car cruises up the street and starts to turn in the drive, windows roll down, driver and passenger get out, and the fun begins. I won’t get into details, but let’s just say these folks weren’t too pleased with our artistic interpretations of their Christmas decorations. Just to top off the humor, as the confrontation ensues Kloe decides to climb into their Mercedes and sit in the drivers seat. Oh the humanity!

Music in the Mix:
Dec. 31 – Blues Traveler
Jan. 27 – Cake
Jan. 29 – Violent Femmes
Feb. 4 – Matisyahu
Feb. 14 – Big Head Todd and the Monsters

17 12 2005

My dog is strange. She has a favorite spot in the backyard where she can sit, lean up against the wall and catch some rays while looking up at the sky, at the birds, plans overhead, whatever. One of her quirks is that she’ll take a shoe from my closet upstairs and carry out into the yard and sit next to it. Don’t ask me why, I’ve tried asking her and she won’t explain it. Lately it’s gotten a bit out of hand, at one point six, yes SIX of my shoes were strewn about the yard.

16 12 2005

Went over to a professor friends’ house for dinner and beers last night. He made deep-fried halibut that he had caught over the summer in Alaska. Food, Stone IPA, and great conversation on politics, life, and relationships … dinner dates like that are hard to come-by.

11 12 2005

Last night was the Ozomatli show which Dena took me to for my birthday. It was such a great show; so energetic, positive, and different than any other concert I’ve been to. If you have the opportunity, take it! Thanks P5!!!

Rode the SS down to Teakwoods today to watch the NFL games and drink. While it was a good ride, I’m thinking that there may be some gear-ratio tweaking required. I seem to spin out a bit too easily and can’t get up to a decent speed. We’ll work on that most likely after the move. [segway] So my real estate agent slash friend is going to start searching for places this week, let’s hope that we find something soon. I’d like to be in and have time to get organized before next semester begins.

Tonight is my man Haley’s birthday and we’re supposedly going out to Scottsdale to get hammered. I picked him up a bottle of Beam and a flask, I think he’ll like it. It’s better than my original idea, the dvd set of Sex and the City. If you’re reading this, man, I’m just joking. I got your the dvds.

9 12 2005

Today, I have the day off. No finals, no work, no nuthin’. So the dog and I took off, driving around town looking for potential cribs. Our criteria is fairly simple: cheap, decent sized yard, within biking distance of the university. I think it’s going to take some real detective (aka: real estate agent) work to find us a new home, though. Dave and I have scrounged up enough junk to furnish the place; laz-y-boy chair, sofa & loveseat, silverware, dishes, pots & pans, an entertainment center (sans entertainment), dvd player, coffee table, lamp. Keep in mind, we’ve requesitioned everything I just mentioned FOR FREE. That’s pretty good considering as of two weeks ago we didn’t own a pot to shit in between the 2 of us. All we need now is a teevee and kitchen table + chairs. Anyone? Once we move in and get settled, there’s gonna be a big fuckin’ party. And by “big fuckin'” I mean lots of alcohol, lots of dudes, and probably not many chics. What else would you expect from us? You never know, maybe the neighbors will turn out to be a house full of 22 year old big-tittied blondes!! Stay tuned.

On a side note, I was mentioned on Handlebar Sandwich yesterday! First time I’ve seen my name on the internet, unless you count the article on my drunken ass at the Phoenix Open a few years back. Man I wish I had saved that…