29 11 2005

We knew it was inevitable: The roommate has given Dave & myself 2 months to find a new place, he wants to live alone with his girlfriend. Why anyone in their right mind would want to live alone with their girlfriend, I don’t know. It baffles the mind. Though, I suppose it’s for the best as it’s not like we’ve been happy living here. I’d really like my own space anyways … my own furniture (however shitty it will be), my own TV, bathroom, etc. As I look back, life has become a bit stagnant for me and a shift like this might just be the thing to jumpstart a little creativity and ambition in my world.

So, if anyone knows of a townhouse/apartment that is cheap, within biking distance of ASU, and will accept my ferocious 100 lb. dog, let me know.




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