3 11 2005

Just got back from my morning run; took KlocephusTM along to work off all the sugar she took in yesterday (she ate the entire bowl of left-over candy pumpkins!!!). I don’t know if Stu is running for the marathon … but I am!! I’m also riding my [new] bike (more on that later) a lot more and starting a whole diet/training regime that’ll get me looking like Kevin Bacon with the running prowess of Brandon Sybrowski. Relatively speaking, of course.

Last night, the girl and I met up after work and rode to Tempe Town Lake to a weekly event called “Reels-n-Wheels” where the city shows a free movie and has free food every Wednesday night to promote commuting by bicycle. The movie was Hitch (chic-flik) and afterwards rode down the street to Daisy Dukes and had a few PBRs accompanied by bad live music. Next week is Indiana Jones and we’re hitting a different bar.

Segway to the new bike! The Cannondale hardtail I ordered came in and let me tell you that it is the shizzzz-nit! It’s so fun tweaking a new ride; removing all the reflectors, strapping on a light and a computer, screwing in a set of Crank Bros pedals, etc. Then it’s time to get dirty.

Here she is, still on the roof from ride home:




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