29 11 2005

We knew it was inevitable: The roommate has given Dave & myself 2 months to find a new place, he wants to live alone with his girlfriend. Why anyone in their right mind would want to live alone with their girlfriend, I don’t know. It baffles the mind. Though, I suppose it’s for the best as it’s not like we’ve been happy living here. I’d really like my own space anyways … my own furniture (however shitty it will be), my own TV, bathroom, etc. As I look back, life has become a bit stagnant for me and a shift like this might just be the thing to jumpstart a little creativity and ambition in my world.

So, if anyone knows of a townhouse/apartment that is cheap, within biking distance of ASU, and will accept my ferocious 100 lb. dog, let me know.


28 11 2005

The break is over, it’s back to work, back to life and all it has to offer. My opportunity to scarf down any and all foods in sight has come and gone; at least 10 pounds were gained in the process. I’m really going to hate this Monday.

21 11 2005

My left ankle is bruised, right palm is bloody, back is sore, and legs feel like jello!! Amber & I completed the Phoenix Summit Challenge over the weekend: 2 days, 7 summits, 20.5 miles, 6628 ft in elevation gain. Dirty jokes, singing, and the promise of Sparks at the end of the day helped us make it through.

15 11 2005

My toothbrush broke this morning. It’s one of those “flexneck” brushes and the neck bent all the way backwards. I had to go dig my camping toothbrush out of the garage which got me all cold and grumpy. I should have just ListerinedTM and been done with it. Is it weird that I brush my teeth twice a morning? Once right when I wake up and then again after breakfast. I think it makes perfect sense. ssb

Link dump. Enjoy, bitches!

15 11 2005

This past weekend was good for me. Went camping, saw some beautiful scenery, slept well and ate better. Didn’t drink too much (the liver rejoices!), got out for a bit of desert hiking, laid awake at night contemplating things … my god, cognitive thought??! There are times in your life, not necessarily times of confusion or disorder, when you should take a step back and look at yourself being as un-biased as possible. That is when real changes can be made. Shift the paradigm! Nothing drastic now, it’s not like I’m going to quit drinking or start going to church (ahh, organized religion. what you would turn me into!), just a few modifications to the current system. I’m not going to bore anyone else with them. My dog has already heard me talk through this several times and I don’t think it’s anyone’s business, anyhow. All I’m saying, is that I’m trying to shake a 900 lb. gorilla off my back one step at a time.

By the way, the girl and I watched most of Sin City last night. We both agreed that movie was dumbass. Next!

12 11 2005

Exhausted. Been doing too much lately; going back for seconds while my plate’s still full. I’m having fun but the body is beginning to resist.  All work and play, and no rest, makes Mackey a tired boy. I feel sorry for the dog, she must be feeling neglected. Time to re-evaluate.

11 11 2005

Welcome to November. My Halloween was bad. And by bad, I mean it really sucked. I had to work, which in itself isn’t a big deal, but we were out on the lake surveying fish at night and were swarmed by thousands millions of little flying insects. They flew up my nose, in my eyes and ears, I inhaled a few hundred with every breathe. To put it simply, they were gross. Just when we thought it couldn’t get it any worse, the motor wouldn’t start. There we sit in pitch black, engulfed by bugs, and dead in the water. It took us an hour to troll back to the dock, I hated my life at that moment.

On a brighter note, I met the girl out for a beer afterwards (I needed one) and she had gone out with her friends dressed as little red riding hood. Some guy at the bar thought she was a devil, I silently agreed. If you’re reading this honey, I’m just kidding.