31 10 2005

Had a great, relaxing weekend up at Canyon Creek. It feels a little odd saying that as I was up there working, but the project went along without a hitch, the weather was perfect, food and beer was good … it was nice to get away for a couple of days (and get paid for it)! I did miss the girl and my dog, though, so it’s nice to be back. That is, until next weekend.


27 10 2005

Last night my roommate, Stu, announced to our crew at the bar that he was going to run the upcoming Rock ‘n Roll Half-Marathon. I, the skeptic that I am, promptly declared “bullshit.” Stu, a non-runner, basically has 10 weeks (which include the 3 fattest holidays of the year) to get his endurance built up enough to run 13.1 miles. That’s not helluva lot of time. Assuming he can hit the ground Monday (after his New York trip) and run 3 miles (I’d be impressed), he would have to add 1 mile of distance to his long run every week from now until marathon week. Meaning, if he completes the half-marathon, that’s going to be the longest run he’s completed.

Now you may be thinking, “Shit Mackey, lay off the guy! At least he’s setting a goal for himself!” You know what? I agree, so that’s why I’m going to run it with him. It’s now a competition, mano y mano. Him pushing me, me pushing him. It’s the only way this sort of challenge can be attempted. Now I want to win, because losing pisses me off. Aside from that, we are a team. We are both working towards a common objective. I still don’t think it’s going to be possible to run the entire half, but we’re gonna make a staunch attempt at it.

In other news, my bike is on it’s way! If I’m lucky, sometime next week I’ll be ripping through the backcountry on a shiny red Cannondale. This purchase is justifiable in two parts: 1) it’s great exercise and cheap entertainment 2) another mode of “free” transportation. My current bike has been in unridable condition for quite some time, and upon looking it more closely I deemed that it would cost just as much to get a new bike as it would to repair this one. My evaluation went a little something like this: “Okay well the fork needs an overhaul. A new fork would be nice, but I’ll settle for a working POS. Rear shock is done-fer, that’s a special order and sure to cost a couple benjis. Rear rim needs to be re-trued, derailleurs are okay but I need to run new cables, I’m sure I need new tubes. Fuck it, this thing is toast!” So with that, the latest search for gear was born. It’s time to go to class.

25 10 2005

So I’ve been listening to the new 311 and Trey cd’s. Don’t Tread On Me, the 311 album, is really good … very melodic (as always) and really chill. This confirms Dena & I’s suspicions that 311 is mellowing-out in their old age. Not that they’re old, but late 30’s is getting there. Trey’s album is suprisingly good, as I was never a huge phan of Phish. Yeah they were cool, I still like much of their music but I just never really got into them. This Trey CD has been pumping through my iPod constantly for the past couple of weeks. Seriously, if you enjoy catchy tunes, riffy guitars, interesting lyrics, and can put up with mediocre singing this is a great one for ya.

Speaking of music, Dena, Amber, and I went to see O.A.R. over the weekend. Hot damn was it an awesome show! The crowd was so energetic, the setlist was perfectly mixed and sounded great! They played a perfect cover of Sunday, Bloody, Sunday. Wow. I was almost pissed when they started playing because that song is just one of those untouchables that shouldn’t be messed with, but they pulled it off. As Dena said, “I could almost see Bono standing in front of the stage yelling ‘Fuck yeah!'”

22 10 2005

Five chores, One day. Can he do it??
1. Wrap up my research paper on “Parasitism and the dynamics of ungulate grazing systems” I’m looking forward to it.
2. See if I can figure out what’s up with the rear rim on my bike. It’s been knackered for quite some time now.
3. Wash the truck. I can’t even fathom how long it’s been. The thing is guh-ross.
4. Shave and wash the dog. That is, shave myself THEN wash the dog. Still sounds weird.
5. Pick up some blank DVD’s so I can burn a copy of 12 Monkeys

Mugshot of the day. The republicans are falling apart and I love it. Delay is booked on money laundering charges, Sen. Bill Frist may be indicted for something similar, Bush’s approval rating is in the crapper, and he’s nominated his cleaning lady for the Supreme Court. What a pack of greedy, incompetant assholes.

19 10 2005

I recently came to the realization that I’ve accumulated too much stuff. I used to be proud of the fact that I could literally pack myself, my dog, and everything I owned in my truck. That’s not true anymore, so now I’m in a quandary. Do I start throwing stuff away or do I get a bigger truck? I think I need to start getting rid of stuff, starting with the dog. She takes up the entire passenger seat. jk

18 10 2005

I can’t stay up until 11:30 anymore so I’m now DVR’ing the Daily Show and waking up a half hour earlier in themorning than usual to watch it. So, I think I’m going to sleep at 11 instead of 11:30 and waking up at 5:30 instead of 6. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Can you say DVR’ing instead of Tivo’ing? Please don’t answer that.

17 10 2005

I woke up this morning to an old friend, soreness. It’s been a while since the last backpacking expedition and this little weekender was a sharp reminder of how important it is to stay in ‘hiking condition.’ The real story here is that the girl and I had a great trip. Hiked a few miles into Sycamore Canyon (mah favorite puh-lace) and camped out on a sandy beach, under a full moon, and next to an occupied fox den. Those crazy foxes kept us awake most of the night, along with Kloe’s snoring. Damn canines.

After hiking out the next day we drove up to Jerome and drank bloody mary’s in a biker bar then headed down to the Pumpkin Festival in Prescott. Close to 2 hours later (traffic was obnoxious) we were drinking beers and eating fried food back in Tempe. Ain’t life just grand sometimes?